by Irene Smith

Summer, winter, spring or fall, 
Which is fairest of them all?
Each unique in its own way, 
Which is fairest?  Who can say?

Summer sun or winter snow, 
As the seasons come and go,
Each has something good to bring; 
For God created everything.

Spring will right the winter’s wrongs, 
Days so cold and nights so long.
Scent of lilacs fills the air; 
Brand new life is everywhere.

When the daffodils you see 
From their snowy tombs set free,
And the robin’s song you hear, 
Then you’ll know that spring is near.

Summertime is lush and green; 
Beauty everywhere is seen.
Sun shines down on every face.  
Life takes on a faster pace.

Seeds are planted in the field.  
Rain and sunshine brings the yield,
So that life can still go on 
After summertime is gone.

Cooler nights and shorter days 
Tells us fall is on the way.
Autumn beauty then abounds, 
Leaves of red and gold and brown.

Squirrels are busy gathering 
Food to last until the spring.
Fields are rich with golden grain; 
Harvest time is here again.

Winter sets a different tone 
With a beauty all it’s own.
Sunlight glistens on the snow 
As firelight warms us in it’s glow.

By the fire we sit and dream 
Of summertime so rich and green.
So the cycle never ends 
As each season’s beauties blend.

Seasons come and seasons go, 
But it’s wonderful to know:
Summer, winter, spring, and fall, 
God is Ruler over all.

With God above and earth beneath, 
Day and night will never cease;
And as long as earth shall stand, 
We are safe in God’s own hand.
“While the earth remaineth,
seedtime and harvest,
and cold and heat,
and summer and winter,
and day and night
shall not cease.”
Genesis 8:22

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