Shut In With Thee

Shut In With Thee 
by Irene Smith

Sometimes life is so busy, 
   uncertain and unknown,
It seems you've not a moment 
   that you can call your own,
With people all around you 
   or something going on
From the moment you awaken 
   'til the time the day is done.

You have feelings that are restless, 
   discontented, unfulfilled,
And you wonder if you'll ever 
   be alone again or still.
"Oh, Lord, I long for bygone days
   when time was all I had-
Time with Thee, shut in alone,
   for then my heart was glad."

Oh, why is it so easy 
   just to go along each day
Thinking only of the present
   in a very human way?
"Lord, may my heart be focused
   on the life that is to come,
For that's where we are going 
   when this earthly life is done.

Help me put into practice
   all the things you show to me,
All the lessons that I learn
   when I'm all alone with Thee.
I long to spend more time with You,
   each and every day;
And I long to feel Your Presence
   every time I kneel to pray.

Not just when I have solitude
   and silence, may I be
Alert to Thy dear Presence
   and Thy precious voice to me;
But help me in the busyness
   and cares of life each day,
To keep my heart shut in with Thee;
   and keep me close, I pray."
"Thou wilt keep him
in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on Thee:
because he trusteth in Thee."
-Isaiah 26:3

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